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About PERA

Power Engineering Research and Applications 2019 (PERA19) is the second edition of PERA. The PERA was initiated by IEEE PES/IAS SBC IIT Kanpur and organized as PERA 18 at IIT, Kanpur. The PERA18 was a very successful event which witnessed large numbers of academic, non-academic and industrial participants. With a vision, “advancing technology for humanity” and “more power to future” team PERA would be providing a platform to young researchers, academia and industry professionals to interact with experts and veterans in the field of power engineering. PERA19 will be jointly organized by IEEE PES/IAS IIT (BHU) Varanasi, IEEE PES SBC IIT Kanpur and IEEE PES/IAS Joint Chapter UP Section. With the theme of “Distributed Energy Resources (DER) integration with Prosumer Technology” this workshop will provide a platform for researchers, faculty members and practicing engineers to learn, experience and exchange their ideas.


The aim of this workshop is to provide exposure to the participants towards the new era of prosumer technologies and allied areas. Our motive is to provide best-in-class technical training to participants. This programme will include lecture sessions, discussions on research issues by the participants, poster presentation and most importantly an intensive hands-on training on state-of-the-art digital simulators which are available in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi.

Theme of the Workshop

The Indian Power Sector is the fifth largest in the world and among the most complex. With an annual electricity production of 12060 billion units it is among the top 5 power consumers across the globe. In the last decade significant changes have taken place in the Indian power sector and it has hugely impacted/influenced the way traditional grid used to operate. With this evolution of modern power systems to new dimensions of planning, generation, operation, and utilization, dependency on fast, flexible and scalable real-time simulators becomes inevitable. Here at IIT (BHU) Varanasi, we rely on such state-of-the-art simulators to carry out complex analysis and research.

Technical Areas of Thrust

  1. Uncertainty Modelling in Power System.
  2. Integrated Transmission and Distribution Analysis
  3. Smart invertors and their Application to micro-grid
  4. Volt VAR Optimization technique for ADN
  5. Issue and challenges of Demand Response in the purview of and prosumer technology.
  6. Effect of inertia loss generation on Power System Stability and low frequency oscillations
  7. Role of Power Converters in Power Generation and its recent advancements
  8. Role of Electric Machines in Power Generation and its recent advancements.
  9. Applications of Advanced Control Systems for Power System Operation and Control.
  10. EV grid integration challenges and issues.

Target Audience

The workshop is designed to cover wide range areas from the power generation, process and its control. And also, it is designed for faculty members, research scholars, and industry professionals.

Key Take Away

  • Peculiarities of different technical advancements in the field of Power System.
  • Insight into the application of various commercial/open source tools for Power System Analysis.
  • Focused deliberations on State of Art research in emerging frontiers.
  • Learning from strategic industrial projects.
  • Industrial Academic interaction for furtherance of joint research and knowledge sharing.
  • A critical evaluation of upcoming challenges with innovative idea.

Resource Person  

  • Eminent and distinguished professional as well as notable [personalities from power and allied sector who are actively involved in frontier areas of Power System Research Development and Operation will be delivering invited lectures. The workshop would be providing an interactive environment for useful research and discussion.

Probable Benefits to IEEE PES Society from PERA 19:-

  • Promote the understanding of power engineering
    • Promoting the understanding of power engineering among the participants through leading academicians, researchers and industrialists.
  • Promote the contributions of power industry
    • Demonstration of major achievements made by leading power industries in the area of power and energy.
  • Support power engineering education
    • PERA 19 would be acting as a platform for promulgating the present and future power engineering issues, challenges and probable means to tackle them.
  • Support and promote chapter activities.
    • The workshop would provide confidence among the PES volunteers and encouragement for further enhancing the scale of upcoming PES activities.
  • The research and development, planning, design, application, construction, installation, and operation of apparatus, equipment, structures, materials and systems for the safe, reliable, and economic generation, conversion, measurement, control, transmission, and distribution of electric energy.
    • The leading industries in the area of power and energy would be given opportunity and space to showcase their products and provide training sessions on the same to the participants.
    • Industries would be sharing their experiences, issues and ideas among the participants for opening of new research opportunities in the field of planning, design, application, construction, installation, and operation of apparatus, equipment, structures, materials and systems for the safe, reliable, and economic generation, conversion, measurement, control, transmission, and distribution of electric energy
  • Promote and coordinate IEEE Power & Energy Society technical activities.
    • PERA 19 would be promoting the technical activities of IEEE Power and Energy Society through its web page and social media among the probable participants across the nation.
  • With the Meeting Department, arrange special technical conferences either alone or jointly with other committees of IEEE or with other Technical Societies.
    • PERA 19 at IIT (BHU) Varanasi is second edition of PERA. The first edition was a grand success, organized as PERA 18 jointly by IEEE PES and IEEE IAS societies. The success of PERA 19, would be jointly organized by IEEE PES and IEEE IAS societies might set forth a platform for creating an annual event organized by IEEE PES, IEEE IAS and other IEEE communities.
  • Encourage non-member authors of technical papers to become members of the Power & Energy Society.
    • Expected increase in number of PES members as workshop and event would be providing handsome discount to PES members in registration fees.
  • Additional Benefits
    • Wide-Advertisement in IIT (BHU) Campus.
    • Increased visibility and recognition of PES activities among various industrial and academic participants.
    • It would be a step forward towards carrying/ fulfilling the goal of IEEE PES through its technical, humanitarian and social activities.
    • It would be platform for establishing and nurturing the relationship among different PES societies across the nation.


21st Oct. – 23rd Oct. 2019

Workshop KeyPoints

Registration Fees Includes:

Accommodation at IIT (BHU) Varanasi from 21st Oct. 05:00 PM to 23rd Oct. 08:00 PM.

Snacks, lunch, & dinner from Oct. 21st morning to Oct. 23rd afternoon.

Workshop kit for all the participants.


All participants will get the Participation Certificate from IEEE PES SBC, IIT Kanpur.

All posters will be evaluated for the best poster award.

Poster submission is optional to register for this workshop.

Poster sessions will provide a platform for the participants to discuss their published/completed work with power engineering fraternity.

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